How to wear latex clothing

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So, time to get dressed!


Things you will need:

  • Patience
  • Dressing Aid

First and foremost: slowly, slowly catchy monkey.

Patience is the most important element of putting on your rubber. The reason for this; latex will cling to your skin as you put it on. Therefore one must make sure that they are gradually positioning the latex correctly over the relevant body parts, else one may end up with back-to-front clothes that are very hard to move the right way around. In this case, it may be easier to take the thing off altogether and start again.

Secondly, a dressing aid is needed in order to reduce the aforementioned friction. There are a few options, depending what feels best. The two main categories of dressing aid are powders and silicone oils.

POWDERS: Talcum powder is most common; opt for aluminium-free when possible. Cornstarch is another option.

When using a powder, liberally dust the inside of your garment making sure the entire surface is covered well. You'll know the job is done once the latex stops sticking to itself.

SILICONE OILS: Skin-safe silicone based lubricants, there are many specialty products on the market. They all are basically equivalent to silicone-based personal lube - which is what was used back in the day and which is still a perfectly good option.

! It is important that the lube you are using as dressing aid when wearing latex is NOT water-based. Only silicone-based lube will work.

! DON'T mix powder with lube at once, for the love of all that's holy. Then you will have a paste. Which will not be conducive. Remember that Friends episode with Ross and the leather pants? Just. No.

! DON'T use the powder method with transparent latex. The powder will show through the latex and look rather strange.


Your skin should be clean and dry. Don't apply any body oils or creams to your skin before wearing latex, as these will degrade the material and shorten its life.

Extra talcum powder or silicone lube directly on the skin are a great idea, on the other hand. It's highly recommended to reduce friction as much as possible, especially if you are about to wear something very tight.

Ok, now that you are all lubed up and powdered, it's time to get down to business.

Take a deep breath.

The general idea is to wear latex in the same way that you would put on tights or pantyhose;

1. Hold it the right way up,

2. Roll it in your hands (usually along a seam, and making sure the seam is not twisted as it rolls)

3. Put it on still rolled up,

4. Slowly start unrolling the garment, while smoothing it over and positioning the seams correctly as you go. It helps to use your 'rolling hand' as a barrier between the skin and the latex garment as it will slide on easier this way.

This is the main trick: to not allow the latex to form a vacuum until you are done dressing; so keep your hands between the latex and your skin as you are putting on and positioning the garment.

5. Once the latex garment is all the way on, it will pretty much form a vacuum with your skin.

If not in quite the right position, it might be tempting at this point to pinch the latex in order to move it slightly over your body, but DON'T! Rubber rips a lot easier when under tension. Instead, slide your hands between the garment and your skin, again breaking the vacuum as above, and try to slide it into the correct position this way.

Small adjustments are still possible this way, but if it's not on correctly it's definitely best to just take it off and start again.

Eventually the time comes to get undressed...

At which point, it can be tempting to pull and tug at your latex in an effort to get it off as soon as possible.

But it's not a good idea. Because vacuum.

Tugging at the latex or pulling unevenly will only cause it to cling closer to your skin and refuse to come off. At the same time, all that helpful lube or powder we put on earlier has been absorbed by the skin, so extra caution is needed. A reverse of the strategy employed when getting dressed will serve well here:

  1. Using your hand as a barrier between the latex and your skin, pull the garment outwards to break the vacuum.
  2. Still sliding your hands between the garment and your skin, begin to roll it off you. SLOWLY.
  3. Slide slowly out of the garment, releasing the rolled portion as you go. Try to avoid getting trapped in a big rubber band caused by rolled up material.

! It's a good idea to clean and store your latex clothing as soon as possible after wearing it. Removing the body oils and dirt from wear will keep your garment in a good condition for longer.


! Extreme caution must be exercised when long nails are involved. It's much too easy to poke a nail through the rubber and cause damage. The best remedy for long nails is wearing cotton gloves while you are putting on and taking off your latex clothes.

! Avoid contact with metals, especially copper, bronze and brass. Latex can stain instantly and permanently from even short exposure to these metals. Even indirect exposure can have the same effect - such as touching the metal and then touching the latex immediately after.

! Avoid heat sources of any kind.

! Avoid long exposure to ultraviolet light, such as sunlight or blacklight. It degrades the material and shorten its life.

Now you know how to put them on, all that's left is to go and get yourself some latex clothes to wear!

Written by Elektra, the force behind milkshaken.net.

Photos by Sophie Ansell.

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