is a realm for people that look for something to cherish, not to consume.

It’s a love letter to independent thinking, to magic, to the poetry of every day things.

We hope to create objects that you can use to fulfill your own unique flavour of power, seduction and aesthetic vision.


There is a sanctity to the objects we surround ourselves with, that we choose to look at every day.

Each of our designs has come about as a precise response to a fervent desire, each of them is deliberate, every choice is considered.

Our pieces are meant to age well, both aesthetically and physically. They are meant to form part of a capsule wardrobe that will be lived and loved for years.

Ultimately we want people to use these things, that we have thought and dreamt about for years, and we want them to feel like they are exactly who they want to be.

Powerful, fearless and unequivocally themselves.


We operate as an atelier in Berlin, and produce on a very small scale. Every item is lovingly hand-made and unique.

We take the ethics of our production very seriously;

everything is made by just a few artisans who have worked years to perfect their craft.

We source all of our materials from within the EU, we produce minimal waste, and all of our packaging is recyclable and biodegradable.

If companies were more concerned with putting out an honest product while providing a fair living to their employees rather than cutting costs to maximise profits, perhaps we wouldn’t be in such a mess.

We make luxury products and we choose to price as low as possible.

Because we don’t want to build an empire.

We are just a few passionate people trying to make a humble living, doing something we truly believe in. Without making the world a worst place for it.